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Page history last edited by Jeremy Tellex 5 years, 5 months ago

Integrating Instructional Technology

Jeremy Tellex

Instructional Technology TSA

Brighton Central School District


Currently not being used, but serves as an excellent resource and model for consideration. It looks as if many of the video links are no longer working or need to be re-linked with the primary source. 


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Use these links to quickly navigate to the Instructional Technology Resources available on this wiki.


FRENCH ROAD Videos of How Instructional Tech Tools are Being Used


Instructional Technology Software Links


Instructional Tech Videos





  • We will review the various instructional technology tools available on the internet and in our district
    • Software:  blog   podcast   Google documents   wiki
    • Hardware:   SMART Board    student response systems    visualizer   projector
  • We will review examples of how the various instructional technology tools are / can be used
  • We can break up into mini groups to work on specific projects or to focus on specific tools
  • Every participant is expected to increase his/her awareness, comfort, understanding, and integration of any desired instructional tool
  • Time will be provided for participants to create projects and activities to use in the classroom



1. Assess Needs

    1. What are you looking to get out of today's session?
    2. Is there a specific tool or set of tools on which you would like to focus?
    3. Is there a specific content area on which you would like to focus?
    4. Is there a specific skill set (student or teacher) on which you would like to focus?


2. Subject

  • Integrated Instructional Technology 


3. Instructional Focus

  •   Math
  •   ELA
  •         Reading
  •         Writing
  •         Speaking
  •   Science
  •   Social Studies


4. Objectives

  • Allow paticipants to modify an existing activity or create a new lesson integrating instructional technology tools.
  • Participants will create an opportunity for students to actively engage, collaborate and enhance their learning experiences.
  • To provide the students with an overview of several instructional technology tools.


5. Performance Task

    1. Define 21st Century Skills / Learning  2020VisionwithTechFocus.ppt
      •  These twenty-first-century skills include:

            * personal and social responsibility

            * planning, critical thinking, reasoning, and creativity

            * strong communication skills, both for interpersonal and presentation needs

            * cross-cultural understanding

            * visualizing and decision making

            * knowing how and when to use technology and choosing the most appropriate tool for the task


    2. Independently (or as a group) view videos describing various tools and view sites modeling its use. (Wiki, blog, podcast, SRS, Smart Board, Google documents, visualizer, projector)
    3. View examples of various instructional tools, review current instructional uses, brainstorm additional ideas about their uses K-8.
    4. Work on lessons.


6. Scoring Guide



7. Essential Skills

       Educational Technology Standards for Students

       New York State Learning Standards

       BCSD Standards and Curriculum Maps (old)

       https://schooltool.bcsd.org  (more recent maps)






Things to do:

Set up a Google doc: What is 21st century learning

Update “Instructional uses of IT tools

Synthesize examples, current intructional uses and research


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